Entry #7

'ello Newgrounds

2016-04-04 15:26:24 by iShirm

Holy shitweed I'm still alive. Where have I been all these years you may ask...well no one is asking, because no one knows who I am, which is good. Now I have a blank slate...I can start over. Recently I had the itch to start making flash movies again in 7 years :O. Fokken ell, 7 years have passed since I stoped making flash, but now, for some unknown reason, I want to make animation again. What a weird thing life is. 


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2016-04-04 19:33:17

why would u type ' instead of the h? it's the same char lenght. lazy is bad dude.

iShirm responds:

It's not lazy, if it's the same length. Why did I type it? Because a normal '' hello '' is a boring way to start any conversation/get attention. Simple.